OTC Asia 2016 - Spotlight on New Technology Awards

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 22 - 25 March 2016


New at the OTC Asia 2016 event is the Spotlight on New Technology Award. This recognition programme is exclusively for OTC Asia exhibitors. The programme recognises the latest and most advanced technologies from the region that are leading the industry into the future.

New! OTSmall Business WinnerC has created a new Small Business Award in support and recognition of innovative technologies being developed by small businesses (less than 300 employees).

Read the news release announcing the five OTC Asia 2016 Spotlight on New Technology Award winners here.

2016 Spotlight on New Technology Winners

Winners' Profiles

Thermoplastic Composite Pipe


Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) is a fully bonded fibre reinforced pipe. Robust, lightweight, spoolable and corrosion-free. Airborne Oil & Gas manufactures TCP Downline, TCP Flowline and TCP Jumpers.

Sizes range from 1,5 till 7 inch ID. We also provide the full-system; end-fittings, tensioners, reelers and other deployment equipment.

Produced by:
Visit booth B911, Hall 9

Frigstad D90™

The Frigstad D90 Rig design is a new ultra deepwater semi-submersible drilling rig utilizing several groundbreaking designs that reduces environmental impact, improves safety for both equipment and crew, and provides significant time-saving & efficiency features, minimizing down-time and reducing the cost of construction of offshore wells.

Produced by:

Visit booth B710, Hall 7

CoreVault® System

The Halliburton CoreVault® system can capture up to ten samples in a sealed container – in one run. This prevents reservoir fluids from escaping during core retrieval and transport. Keeping 100% of fluids in place enables accurate measurements instead of estimates – resulting in better information for making critical decisions about reservoirs.

Produced by:

Visit booth B201, Hall 2

iCWD (Intelligent Circulation While Drilling) Tool sb

iCWD, is the industry first intelligent drilling valve system that provides remote-controlled operation using agile activation. One or more iCWD spaced apart in any configuration can be operated individually to any of its four modes using RPM, Flow, or pressure in few minutes improving well control and drilling economics.

Produced by:
Visit booth C601, Hall 6

Weatherford Renaissance™ Systems

Renaissance™ Systems is a unique combination of Brownfield technologies from safety valves, wellheads, completion tools, and capillary services. Renaissance Systems offers new solutions to revive old wells and meet the challenge of extending the productive life of aging wells and reservoirs.

Produced by:
Visit booth D101, Hall 1

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